What did I pack in my hospital bag?

I have slowly been getting my hospital bag ready since I was 28 weeks pregnant, I wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed and wanted to buy it bit by bit so it was more affordable. Luckily I started packing it early as I went into labour at 37 weeks.

I had 2 bags – a carry on suitcase for me and an overnight bag for baby from BirthBag. BirthBag are a company which sell pre-packed hospital bags, these are such a good idea as it meant that I didn’t have to buy much more to put in. All items that came with the BirthBag have been marked with a *.

In my bag (the suitcase) I had;

Maternity pads*

Maternity pants

Big pants – Primark

Natural Birthing Bottoms Up Soothing Bottom Spray

Breast pads – disposable* and reusable

Eye Mask*


Bikini top – Primark

Labour top – SewSian

Robe – Asda

Compression socks – fitlegs

Nursing bra – Mumba Bra & BravadoDesigns


Leggings and baggy top for coming home in

Big nighty – accessible for breastfeeding – Primark

Flipflops – Primark





Body Wash*


Toothbrush and toothpaste*




Roll on deodrant

Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream


Breakfast bars – Aldi

Flapjacks – Aldi

Isotonic drinks – Aldi

Glacier Mints

Wet Wipes – Aldi

Fluffy socks*

Water Bottle – Matalan

Babys Bag;

Nappies – Mum&You – Size 2

Wipes – Mum&You – 100% biodegradable wipes

Swaddle – LittleBlueNest

5 x Short sleeve vests – Sainsburys

3 x Long sleeve vests – H&M

5 x Babygrows – Next, Mamas & Papas

2 x Blankets – Mothercare & LittleGreenSheep

2 x Leggings – H&M, Matalan

1 x Hat – Mamas & Papas

2 x Cardigan – Next

Cotton Wool



The nappies from Mum&You are the softest nappies I have ever used. They have the cutest designs on them and they also have a wetness indicator on them which is a yellow line that goes blue if the baby has done a wee or poo so you can check without disturbing the baby. They also have the new smart tube technology which means that the wetness is evenly distributed – we haven’t had a leak yet in these nappies but have in other branded nappies! The wipes are also so nice to use, they don’t rip apart like some brands and they’re not too wet either and a massive bonus that they are 100& biodegradable. On the back of the pack they are have a list of ingredients, where they are sourced and their function which I found really interesting as a lot of the time I find myself asking what are all the ingredients in the products I’m using.

Apologies about the quality of the photos – they were taken at 1am whilst I was having contractions as I had planned to take pictures that week!

** Some items in this blog post are part of a collaboration.