We’re having a(nother) baby!

Yes, we’re having another baby! Bea is currently 16 months old and I’m 15 weeks pregnant, we didn’t want a big age gap between Bea and the new baby as Dec and I both grew up with siblings of close ages. After I had Bea I was adamant we were not going to have any more children, growing up I always wanted lots of kids but after my traumatic labour with Bea I couldn’t even think about doing it again. I have been on a long recovery since Bea’s birth 16 months ago, but 4 months ago I wrote my birth story down and that helped me so much. I started having CBT about 3 months ago which has been really insightful. Deciding to have another baby was not easy for me but I will be closely looked after by the hospital, midwives and consultants, I have an amazing partner, family and friends for support and also Bea is going to be the best big sister ever.

We had our 12 week scan and an appointment with my consultant who has said that at 34 weeks we will decide if I have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) or an elective c-section. I’m still really undecided on what I would rather, I would absolutely love to try and have a natural delivery but the thought of having another emergency c section terrifies me. Everyone that I have spoken to who has had an elective c-section has said how calm it has been and is a really lovely experience.

In a weeks time we will find out if this baby is a boy or a girl, I honestly have no idea what it is! I’ve had morning sickness, but no where near as bad as I had with Bea. I’ve had no cravings so far, I’ve gone off chocolate which I lived off when I was pregnant with Bea. With Beatrice we didn’t find out what we were having however my boyfriend hated it, so I said to him at our 20 week scan with Bea if we ever have another we can find out the sex thinking he would forget but nope he didn’t! We are even finding out 4 weeks early as my siblings have bought us an early gender scan as they are so excited to find out what we’re having. We have 4 little girls in our family and no boys so I think everyone is hoping for a baby boy. I think a boy would be so so lovely but I would love for Beatrice to have a sister so I honestly don’t mind what we have.