Top 10 Stay at Home Date Nights During Lockdown

Top 10 Stay at Home Date Nights During Lockdown

Okay, so I started writing this blog post before Covid-19 happened, but I think now that we’re all on lockdown and confined to our houses this is the perfect time to finish it. We can’t be going on dates outside anymore but it’s important to still be having date nights during this scary and hard time so here are my Top 10 Stay at Home Date Nights during lockdown;

  1. Movie Night

    With Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV there are so many ways you can watch movies at home. Decide on a film you both haven’t watched, grab some popcorn, snacks, chocolate and you are good to go. Make it a movie night though, not just a stick a film on, maybe do a little set up in the living room of all the comfy pillows, blankets and snuggle up.

  2. Game Night

    Get all the games whether this be board games or electronic games. Get the cards out and play some couple card games, get scrabble out – just be careful not to get too competitive we want this to be fun! Why not use Zoom or Facetime and call your friends and have a double date. Even dust off twister?

  3. Come Dine With Me

    You cook the starter, your partner cooks the main and you both cook dessert and there you have it Come Dine With Me at home. Set up the dining table with candles, print menus and enjoy some good food.

  4. Spa Evening

    If you can’t go to the spa right now, bring the spa to you. Set the scene – dressing gowns on and slippers on, fill up a jug of water infused with cucumber, orange or mint, maybe even grab a bottle of prosecco. Buy some facemasks or even make your own, you could even make some body scubs too.

  5. Play mini golf

    Going to play mini golf is a popular date night treat so recreating it at home is another great date night idea. Order a mini golf set from Amazon and you’re good to go. Maybe make a wager, who ever loses has to do the washing up for a week. 

  6. Themed night

    Mexican – nachos for starter, fajitas for main and a good old fashion pinata for pudding. Put on a Mexican playlist whilst you make some margaritas and yummy homemade guacamole for your nachos. 
    American – mac and cheese for starter, chicken wings, wedges and corn on the cob for mains then head to the garden and make s’mores for pudding.

  7. Comedy night

    Watch a comedians stand up set, there are a load on Netflix, Sky and Prime. We all need a laugh every now and then and what better way to spend lockdown than to forgetting everything for a while and getting stuck into something funny.

  8. Draw each other

    Why not pretend to be artists for the evening? Grab out the paper, pens, paint, sit down and draw each other. 

  9. Picnic date

    Grab all the picky food you have, lay out a rug on the living room floor, get out the plastic plates and cutlery. If you have a fire, wack it on and make it all cosy. 

  10. List making of everything you’re going to do post lockdown

    I think we all have a huge list of things we are going to do post lockdown, spend an evening with your partner writing these all down and when everything goes back to “normal” you can tick these all off together.

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any other great home date night ideas. Can’t wait to hear if you do any of these too.


Top 10 Stay at Home Date Nights During Lockdown



  1. Leah
    April 10, 2020 / 6:18 pm

    These are all such amazing ideas, deffo going to do a themed evening!

  2. April 11, 2020 / 10:30 am

    Some brilliant ideas there! I think a spa night is definitely in order

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