Top 10 Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names

Top 10 Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names

I always thought choosing my baby’s names were going to be easy but truth be told it was so stressful and I thought my children were going to be nameless for weeks. I had names picked out since I was about 12 years old however through the years meeting people with them names and other reasons I grew out of love with them. Throughout my pregnancy with my first we had 2 names, a boy and girl name as we didn’t know the sex. Until 36 weeks our girl name was Delilah however one day whilst we were driving to a hospital appointment we came across the name Beatrice and fell in love. Freddie was always our baby boy name from the minute we found out I was pregnant. Our second child’s name was so difficult to choose, we finally decided on his name 3 days before he arrived, it was all very last minute. He was going to be called Freddie but it felt weird as it was our name for our first born, my partner liked Maximus the whole pregnancy and I disliked it however towards the end something just changed and I loved the name, therefore we called him Maximus but we shorten it to Max.

I definitely found choosing a girls name much easier than boys, and trying to find names that we could both agree on was so difficult. I also love names that are long that can be made short and I love the names that aren’t common but are not unheard of or unusual.  Here are my top 10 girls and boys names;


Meredith (Edie/Edith)
Felicity (Fliss)
Adelaide/Adeline (Addie)


Rafferty (Raf)
Remington (Remi)
Frederick (Freddie)

A good way of finding names for your baby that both you and your partner like is an app called Babyname, it’s like Tinder but for baby names. If you like the name you swipe right if you like the name and left if you don’t and it matches the ones you and your partner both like.

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Top 10 Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names

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