The Botanist Farnham – New Autumn Menu Review

Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review – Press Trip

Our first date night since having Max and we were invited to the incredible The Botanist in Farnham to try their new Autumn menu. We dropped the kids off at my mums and headed out, we arrived to a lively and busy pub. We gave the waitress our name and she took us upstairs where the atmosphere was completely different – calm and dim lit, it was the perfect ambience for dinner. We were seated and given our menus, they have their new Autumn menu out with some gorgeous dishes on. I had previously looked at the menu but hadn’t put the location on the website so I had chosen the Chicken Pate with plum and apple chutney to start and the Surf and Turf Hanging Kebab. When I look at the menu I realised that these options weren’t on the menu and it was a lot smaller than the menu I had view on The Botanist website. I was a tad disappointed however there were other things on the menu that I loved the look of.


Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review

Dec and I both ordered the Calamari and it was so tasty. It came with a crème fraîche and sweet chilli dip layered on top of crispy seaweed which was a lovely surprise as this is one of my favourite foods. It was beautifully presented in a seashell and the perfect amount.


Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review

For our mains we both chose Hanging Kebabs, I went for the Five Spice Duck with hoisin sauce and Dec had the Chicken and Chorizo with garlic butter. They smelt divine when they arrived, mine came with properly seasoned fries and Dec’s with sweet potato fries – you could have also had sweet chilli chips or chunky chips. My properly seasoned fries were a little too much for me, the seasoning made them taste dry so next time I’d definitely order the sweet chilli chips. The Hanging Kebabs come with the sauce in a small dish on top of the kebabs, we didn’t realise until after we had eaten ours that you are supposed to tip this sauce over the top of your kebab. We felt that our waitress should have told us this and it would have made our meals taste better. The kebabs were lovely but they felt like they were missing something, which would have been the sauce.


Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review

Dessert was the hardest decision for me, I am such a dessert girl. I could have chosen everything from the menu, I wish I could have. Dec went for the sticky toffee pudding which is no shock as he will order this every time it’s on a menu, it came with vanilla ice cream and it was gorgeous. I was really tempted by the bread and butter pudding with Nutella and Biscoff however I have never head bread and butter pudding so I wasn’t too sure I would like it. After much deliberation I decided to go for the pudding planter and I was not disappointed, wow is one word to describe it. Four desserts in the cutest wooden box made to look like a Botanical Garden – a gardening can with mint and dry ice set the theme with three of the four desserts in planters. Nutella doughnuts which were incredible and the perfect bite size. Ice cream sandwich which looked amazing however with one bite I realised it was mint ice cream which I am not a fan. Apple and Cherry fool which I was surprised about, I didn’t think I would like this but it was delicious. Last but not least the most incredible salted caramel Biscoff muffin, decorated with edible flowers it was a layer of salted caramel sauce on the bottom, muffin and then crushed up Biscoff on top with a side of salted caramel sauce.


Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu ReviewBotanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review

The Botanist is known for their cocktails and the cocktail menu has so many options, I didn’t know what I wanted so asked the waitress for advice she recommended The Botanist – a fresh cocktail with gin, rum and vodka. I really enjoyed it, with the hints of mint and lime it’s the perfect cocktail to start the night. I noticed the table next to me’s drink and it looked amazing so I asked the waitress for one of those, turns out it was a Passionfruit Colada – something everyone needs to try at least once in their lives!

Overall we had a really enjoyable evening at The Botanist and it was the perfect first date night away from our baby boy. Botanist Farnham Autumn Menu ReviewBotanist Farnham Autumn Menu ReviewBotanist Farnham Autumn Menu Review


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