Quinny Hubb Duo Review

I was very kindly sent the Quinny Hubb stroller with the duo seat for Beatrice and Maximus, having 21 months between the two a double buggy is essential to us as Bea tends to get very tired when we go on walks and loves sitting watching the world go by. There are so many features about the Quinny Hubb that we love such as;

The Frame

I previously had the iCandy Peach 3 double which was so heavy whereas the Quinny Hubb is so light compared. The stroller is very narrow for a double which is amazing for us as we live in the countryside with narrow pavements and walks, also great for shopping as I can get down all the aisles. It’s so easy to put up and down, to put it up all you have to do is hold down the buttons on the handle and press a button on the frame and pull it up. To put it down you just press the hold down the buttons on the handle and push down. When it goes down it doesn’t fold up like most buggy’s, it’s hard to explain how it folds so have a look at the picture below;

Photo 03-08-2019, 09 16 34


The Quinny Hubb comes in many different colours, we have got the cork on grey which is just so beautiful and we have had tons of compliments on. The frame is all black with the handle being grey which looks so classy and the handle is so comfy. The material is also water resistant which means you can just wipe away any spills, fabulous for toddlers! The basket underneath is also huge, the biggest basket I have ever seen on a stroller. Whenever we go out now I can fit everything we need in it, I can also fit my changing bag underneath which is great for when my back gets tired.

Photo 27-07-2019, 14 27 49

Different Settings

There are 6 different ways you can have the stroller, 3 from birth, 1 from 6 months and 2 from 1 year plus. From birth – Hux Carrycot + Seat, Birth Cocoon + Seat, Maxi-Cosi + seat. From 6 months – Parent-facing seat and forward facing seat. From 1 year – Duo Seats both forward facing and Forward facing seat + Hop on board. The seats are really spacious which is amazing for a double buggy as I feel this is what most other companies compromise. Both the seats are full sized, Beatrice is 2 and she still has a lot of room. The footrest is also adjustable. Once Bea is old enough to not need to sit down in the seat, we will be getting the hop on board which looks incredible, instead of dragging along behind the buggy it is attached where a seat would go. It is wooden so looks great and also means you don’t keep accidentally kicking the buggy board when you are walking.

Photo 05-08-2019, 14 08 49

What’s included?

When you receive your Quinny Hubb Duo you will get the frame, 2 seats, car seat adaptors, parasol clip, cup holder clip and 2 rain covers.


There are so many extras that you can buy for the stroller including liners, footmuffs, parasols, cup holders and blankets.

We absolutely love the stroller and would highly recommend it to mums and dads who have children with small age gaps. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is for twin parents due to the fact that you can’t have both seats lying down at the same time or two carrycots.

Thank you so much to Quinny and Azaria PR for sending us the Quinny Hubb Duo Stroller and allowing us to review it for you.

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