Placenta Encapsulation with The Placenta Pro

I have always been so interested in placenta encapsulation so when Kirsty contacted me I was absolutely thrilled. I had heard a few amazing stories about the benefits of having your placenta made into capsules however it is still not commonly known about.

The Placenta Pro is a company who encapsulate woman’s placenta’s after giving birth. It is owned by Kirsty who is a fully qualified midwife and is an expert in placenta encapsulation and remedies, she is based in the South East covering many different areas including London and Kent. Her lab is has the highest quality grade hospital equipment and she is registered and inspected by Environmental Health and they hold the equivalent to a 5* food rating.

How it works;

You head to her website and fill out the “booking form” this has several questions including when your EDD is, a few questions about your pregnancy and which products you would like. Kirsty will then come back to you and book you in if she has enough space, she only takes on a limited number of customers to ensure their highest standards are met. Once you have spoken and agreed everything she will send you out your “chiller pack” when you are 36 weeks. The chiller pack includes everything that you will need to take to the hospital with you to keep your placenta safe until the courier or Kirsty picks it up. When you go into labour you send the number you have been given a text to let them know and then again once the baby has been born, it will then be collected – The Placenta Pro guarantee that it will be collected within 12 hours but usually it is within 4 hours. I honestly can’t remember how long ours took to be collected as time is such a blur after giving birth but it was no longer than 5 hours. You need to remember to tell the midwives that you are having your placenta encapsulated so that they can make sure that they deal with it appropriately and make sure that it is put in the freezer bag etc. The turnaround from them making the capsules to you having them is incredible, Max was born on the 9th, they were ready on the 10th and sent out special delivery and arrived at my address on the 11th. I couldn’t believe how quick it was and I was so impressed.

Now onto the exciting part, the benefits. I had my placenta made into capsules using the simple dried method, you can also have them done using the steamed method which means they are steamed with aromatics. There are so so many amazing benefits I could talk about it all day. The main ones for me are helping my milk supply and reducing stress levels. I was worried this time round I would be super tired having a newborn and a toddler but actually my energy levels have been quite high and I’m no where near as tired as I thought I would be. I found I didn’t really suffer with “baby blues” this time round which I can honestly say is due to the capsules. My recovery this time round is completely different to the first time as with Bea I had a c-section and with Max I had a natural birth however I did have an episiotomy but the recovery was good. I also didn’t bleed as much this time round and no where near as heavy.

Another amazing thing that The Placenta Pro offer is cosmetics, which I just think is incredible. They offer the following;

Facial Oil
Whipped Cream
Massage Oil

For me I have had the most positive experience with The Placenta Pro and I would highly recommend them. There website is; and they are also on Instagram.


  1. May 4, 2019 / 9:47 pm

    Wow. I’ve never heard of this before! It’s amazing that it had so many benefits for you x

  2. May 7, 2019 / 7:06 pm

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds brilliant. Is it an expensive service? X

    • Bea, Max and Me
      May 7, 2019 / 8:10 pm

      It’s amazing! It’s about £200 but so worth it x

  3. May 9, 2019 / 6:11 pm

    This is so interesting ! Not even thought of it!

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