Peppa Pig Learning Toys Review

peppa pig learning toys review


If your kids are anything like mine they will be obsessed with Peppa Pig, we have a number of Peppa Pig toys and have recently been to Peppa Pig World. Peppa Pig is a worldwide name and is a huge part of most of our childrens lives so finding Peppa Pig learning toys is a great way to help our children to have fun whilst learning. Beatrice, 3, has just started nursery and is learning new things everyday, she is currently earning her ABC’s so the Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet toy is a perfect addition to our household. Max is just starting to talk and his favourite word is Peppa so he has been obsessed with the Peppa Pig Smart Phone – pretending to call Peppa and speak to her is now his favourite thing to do.


Peppa Pig Smart Phone

Suitable from 18 months this is a great toy for learning with Peppa and 9 other characters, you hear their names and their greetings. Max is exactly 18 months and this toy is perfect for him, Bea has also enjoyed playing with it at 3 years old. Your child can learn their colours and identify numbers with this smart phone. They can get moving with Peppa by pressing the heart button – jump up and down, touch your toys and turn around.

Peppa also asks questions which your child can answer by pressing the correct button on the phone – for example. “Who makes this sound? Oink Oink.” Their are tons of interactive sounds including 3 songs from the tv show and camera sounds mimicking taking pictures. This retails at £9.99 at Smyths and I think this is a reasonable price for this toy, it would make a perfect Christmas present and is great for car rides to keep your little one entertained.


Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet

This Peppa toy is aimed at 3 years + so it’s perfect for Beatrice who has just started nursery. Bea is a keen learner and is desperate to know her ABC’s, she has been playing with Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet for a few days now and I can see her becoming more and more confident. It comes with 8 interactive play cubes that have numbers, alphabet and shapes and colours. Peppa will ask your child to find the cube with the correct answer to her question, your child will then have to insert it into the front of Peppas dress and find out if they are correct.

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet provides an early introduction to phonics and spelling, aids speech and language development and promotes basic problem solving. It also helps to improve find motor development with having to put the cube into Peppa. This retails at £19.99 at Smyths and also comes with the easy twist plastic clips on the bottom of the toy making it easy to get out of its packaging.


peppa pig learning toys review


peppa pig learning toy review peppa pig learning toy review peppa pig learning toy review

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