Our most used baby skincare products

What products do we use on Bea?

We have to be careful what products we use on Bea as she tends to come up in a rash and her eczema plays up if we use harsh products. For the first 2-3 months we didn’t use anything in her bath, we would just use warm water unless she did a big poo explosion then we would use a little bit of Child’s Farm Baby Wash. It was so kind to her skin so at 3/4 months old we bought their Baby Bubble Bath which smell delicious. We have also used the Sweet Orange Hair & Body Wash and the Raspberry Bubble Bath, they are so gorgeous and haven’t caused any reactions to Bea’s sensitive skin.

We were recently gifted the Organic Tangerine Bubble Bath and the Baby Moisturiser. We used the bubble bath this morning due to Bea getting very messy eating her breakfast – it’s got a lovely smell and you only have to use a little bit so it lasts really well. The Baby Moisteriser is the best moisteriser you will ever use, honestly, it’s amazing. Everyone in my family owns some, even my dad and my brother. My brother had really bad dermatitis due to the chemicals he uses at work and has tried tons of creams and none of them worked, within a week of him using the moisteriser his hands were the best condition they had been in years. If anyone has any form of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis I would definitely recommend using the moisturiser, they have 3 different ones – a non fragranced, mildly frangranced and grapefruit & organic tea trea one.

For bea’s nappy rash we use Sudocrem as this tends to clear it up in a day or two, we only ever use this is she has a rash appear. We don’t use any products on her daily as she has such sensitive skin. Bea used to get really sore areas in the creases of her legs and neck due to how chunky she was, we would pop Sudocrem on these overnight and they were nearly gone the next day.

We used Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Lotion for a couple of weeks when Bea was hardly sleeping but I don’t think this really helped. I was quite skeptical to use Johnson’s due to what you hear in the news and media but it was kind to Bea’s skin and smelt amazing. We still have the bottle so every now and then we use it but it is not part of our bedtime routine anymore.

We attended baby massage class when Bea was a couple of weeks old so I went into Waitrose one day and bought the Waitrose Mini Massage Oil, we used this as part of our evening routine for a good couple of months until Bea became too wriggly to give a massage to anymore.

Not so much skincare but teething – the best product we have ever bought for teething are the Nelsons Teetha Granules, as soon as I get out a packet Bea tips her head back and opens her mouth for me to pour them in. They work instantly and she gets so much relief out of them. We don’t use gels much but we do have Bonjela, Dentinox and Calgel, these are all good but Bea wasn’t a massive fan of them. I have heard amazing things about Anbesol however we have never used it.

Thank you for reading and if you have a little one I hope you have found this helpful, if you have any recommendations for other skincare products we haven’t used please let me know so I can try them out.