Max’s Newborn Photoshoot

Choosing the perfect newborn photographer is essential, I spent hours trawling through Instagram and Facebook finding a local photographer who was exactly what I wanted. I found a few that I liked but didn’t love then I came across Lovingly Lydia Photography on Facebook and fell in love with her photos. I sent her an email and we got chatting, I also wanted a maternity photoshoot so we booked in for a maternity, newborn and a lifestyle shoot. Donna suggested that we do a lifestyle shoot after the newborn shoot so we could get some nice family photos and some photos of Bea and Max. The 3 shoots came to a very reasonable price which included digital photos and also a few professional prints, we couldn’t afford to spend tons of money on photos but I wanted to make sure that the photographer we chose was perfect for us. Lovingly Lydia Photography is affordable and the most beautiful photos, honestly check her website out!

So I left it quite last minute to book our photographer as like I’ve said I wanted to find the perfect one. I booked her when I was about 34 weeks pregnant which is really late, most people book theirs at about 20 weeks. So we got talking and decided to do my maternity photoshoot down in the New Forest in the bluebells when I was 38 weeks pregnant, well as most of you will know Max decided to make his entrance into the world at 37 weeks. This meant that I had to cancel the maternity shoot, I was so gutted about this however I was even more excited about his newborn shoot. I emailed Donna to let her know that Max had arrived and we scheduled his photoshoot for when he was 5 days old.

The amazing thing about Lovingly Lydia Photography is that she comes to your house to do the photoshoot, when you’ve just had a baby travelling to someone’s house/studio can be quite a lot. It was so relaxing Donna coming to us especially with Bea as it meant that she could go and play with her toys or watch the TV whilst Max was having his photos done. When Donna first came in she went straight up to Bea and made a fuss of her which for me was so important, she talked to Bea asking her all about Max and really making an effort. Donna then started setting up her equipment and Bea wanted to help, Donna was amazing and really made Bea feel so special. The props that Donna bought with her were just so beautiful, she had a little bed, the cutest outfits and some of the sweetest knitted hats I’ve ever seen.

Our session started at 9.30 and finished at around 12.30/1 which wasn’t too long but enough to get some amazing photos. Max was an absolute angel for his photoshoot and slept for all of it, which was so different to Bea’s – it took us about 2 hours to get her to sleep as we had been in the car for ages travelling to the studio.

After the photoshoot Donna put a few sneakpeeks up on her facebook page which got me super excited as they were just beautiful. 11 days after the photoshoot we got our gallery, which I was super impressed with as Easter weekend fell in them 11 days. The photos are just incredible, I am so so in love with them and I am so happy we chose to have our newborn photoshoot with Lovingly Lydia Photography.

Now the main reason why you all came on to read this blog, the photos…


  1. May 7, 2019 / 8:07 pm

    What an absolute pleasure it has been working with your family! I can’t wait for the next one, or two! ♥ Love to you all. Donna, Lovingly Lydia xx

  2. October 8, 2019 / 10:17 am

    This is SO PRESCIOUS my heart!!! so worth all the hours of looking for the perfect photographer these are such cute pictures!

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