Organix Goodies Fruit and Seed Bites

We were very kindly gifted some Fruit and Seed Bites by Organix for Beatrice to try, they sent us 3 different flavours – Cocoa, Banana & Cocoa and Coconut & Cocoa. I give them to her with her lunch normally alongside a sandwich and a bit of cheese and some fruit. They are bite sized pieces which is great to get the pincer grab going, Bea tends to eat half a packet at lunch and then she will snack on them later.

Trying to get Bea to eat at the moment is proving very difficult, she is teething and hardly eating! She tends to only snack so the Fruit and Seed Bites have been perfect. They have tons of great ingredients in them including dates, prunes and sunflower seeds. Each packet is also less than 100kl which is also great for me as I tend to end up snacking on Bea’s food too.

We tend to buy Organix snacks a lot for Bea as they are the only thing I know she will definitely eat. They have a massive range of products, Bea’s favourite have got to be the Carrot Sticks – if she could just eat these forever I think she would! She also loves the Apple Rice Cakes, Vanilla Baby Biscuits and we have also just discovered the Gingerbread Men which are delicious and a great snack when she’s been a good girl. After having a quick look through their website ( we are definitely going to try their fruit stars, moos and gummies – Bea will love these and also their puffcorn.