My Top 6 Teething Tips

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Every baby teethes differently, some start at only a few months old whilst some babies are still toothless at a year. Some children you don’t realise their teeth are through until you can feel them however others have every single sign of teething. Dribbling, biting, ear pulling, red cheeks, sleeplessness, nappy rash, these are just a few signs that parents notice when their little ones are teething. Here are my top 6 teething tips for you to help soothe your babies.


Breast milk ice lollys

These are great to help sooth baby’s sore gums and give them some relief. Simply express some milk into ice lolly moulds and pop them in the freezer, once ready give them to your child (always supervised) and let the coldness of the breast milk ice lolly work its wonders.

Teethers in the fridge

Keeping teething toys in the fridge again helps to keep them cold and sooth the baby’s sore gums. Teething toys that are water filled are the best for keeping in the fridge however you can put any toy in there. The coldness of the toy will create a numbing effect on the baby’s gums.

Wet muslin cloth in freezer

Soak a muslin cloth in water, pop it in a sandwich bag and put it in the freezer. Like the previous tips it will be cold and do all of the above. For babies who haven’t quite got the grasp of toys yet this is great because they can chew on the cold muslin.

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Wipe away the drool

Teething baby’s tend to dribble and drool a lot, to prevent a irritable skin and rashes. Bibs are always handy during the teething period, especially a soft muslin type bib that you can use to wipe the drool away. Using a barrier cream can help to protect your little ones chin and neck. When wiping away the drool make sure you get under their neck in the creases as this can become very irritable if not dried.

Massaging gums

Start by washing your hands and then gently massaging baby’s gums by running your finger up and down. The gentle pressure you apply can help to soothe little one’s gums and they even might try gnawing at your hand to give them some comfort.

Teething isn’t fun for baby’s or parents, hopefully these tips can help your teething journey.




  1. January 7, 2020 / 2:12 pm

    I absolutely swore by these when mine were smaller!!

  2. Katie barnes
    January 7, 2020 / 3:19 pm

    Thanks so much for all the info! My little ones teeth have been really hurting him lately so I’ll be sure to try out all your tips!

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