My top 10 baby products

Being a first time mum I bought so much rubbish, stuff I never used and is still sitting in their boxes. In this blog I will be discussing my top 10 baby products. We were super lucky that my brother has a daughter 15 months older than Bea and were handed down a lot but now a days you can pick up loads on Facebook buy and sell, eBay or even look for great deals online.

Chicco Next2Me Crib

This was without a doubt the best baby item, it was a life saver at 4am in the morning when Bea woke for a feed and I could just lean over and pick her up feed her then pop her back in. We ended up co sleeping when Bea was a bit older but used the Next2Me as a barrier, and she would sleep in it every now and then. The sleepyhead fits perfectly in it too.


A close 2nd best buy (hand me down), we used this in the Next2Me at night and then we bought it downstairs during the day so Bea could nap in it. The only way Bea would sleep was either on us or in the sleepyhead so it was amazing for us and meant we could get bits done during the day. It’s so easy to take anywhere too, if we popped over to my dads house or if we went for a sleepover we would just take the sleepyhead and pop it in the travel cot and Bea would sleep really well in it. We have actually got the Sleepyhead Grande and Bea is in that now at 12 months old.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

I remember buying Ewan in John Lewis with my grandparents and I was soooo excited to use him, we used him for the first time when Bea was a couple of days old and she just screamed even louder when we turned him on. I was devastated as I had heard so many amazing reviews about this product. We then tried again when she was about 2 weeks old and wow it calmed her down straight away and she fell asleep instantly. The glow was really helpful too as it meant I could see her and I used to use it as a nightlight for her Next2Me.

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support

Bea hated her first couple of baths and I didn’t like the baby bath tubs as I felt it wasn’t supportive enough so I bought the Angelcare bath support and it changed bath time for us. Bea started enjoying her baths, the bath support is really soft, they look comfortable and it lasted us 6 months. Once Bea was up and sitting we started using a sit up one, we were going to buy the Angelcare seat but were gifted another one.


You can never have too many muslins! I wish I had bought more large ones to use as a cover for breastfeeding, but we only had the smaller ones. We must have had about 50, we mainly got them from Sainsbury’s but if you can buy an Aden + Anais ones I would highly recommend, they wash so well and the designs are beautiful. We used to get through so many muslins a day but we used them for everything, Bea was also quite a sicky baby at one point so they were always on hand.

Medela Swing Breast Pump

I didn’t buy a pump until Bea was about 2 weeks old, I had to go back into hospital when she was a couple of days old as I was quite poorly and the dr’s thought I might be getting mastitis. I used the hospital pump and it was amazing so looked into buying a pump. I did A LOT of research and came to the conclusion that the Medela Swing was the perfect one for me. It was amazing, I was very lucky that I was able to pump and get a lot of milk. We used any storage bags that were on special offer but mainly the lanisoh ones.

Gro Company Swaddle

Bea’s startle reflux was awful, she would wake herself up so many times in the night by startling herself so we decided to swaddle her one night and she slept so well. We bought the Gro Company GroSnug and some GroSwaddles. They have really cute patterns and they are so soft. GroCompany have so many different products, we have a 0.5 tog GroBag for the hot weather and Bea sleeps really well in it.


The Gro Egg is also by the GroCompany, it’s a little nightlight which tells the temperature. We still use this now at a year old, especially at the moment with this crazy warm weather. It comes with a “what to dress chart” too which is super helpful to know how much baby should be wearing to bed. The colour changes depending on how warm or cold it is in little ones room – red for too hot, orange for warm, yellow for good temperature and blue for too cold.

Wrap and Carrier

My sister in law gave me her wrap from ChekohBaby and it was amazing when Bea was a newborn and just wanted to be on me all day. It was easy to put on, once I had YouTube’d how to do it the first time. It was great around the house and for doing the food shop. I went on a dog walk with my dad and step mum in the New Forest and took the wrap instead of the buggy and I felt like the whole time I had to hold Bea too as I felt she wasn’t 100% supported in the wrap. After that I decided to do some research into other carriers, myself and my partner went to John Lewis and tried on a few of the baby carriers they have there and we decided to go for the Ergo Baby 360. Bea felt so supported and it lasts a really long time so we purchased it, we bought it with the newborn insert too. Bea is now 12 months old and we still use this, she can face outwards or inwards and you can also back carry. It is also super easy to breastfeed in.

Skip Hop suite backpack

We had the babymel backpack changing bag to begin with but when I saw the Skip Hop one in TK Maxx for £35 I couldn’t walk past it. It’s the best changing bag, seriously it’s amazing. It’s a backpack which is the best thing about it, I didn’t want to get a handbag changing bag as 1, I hate handbags and 2, I just don’t think they’re that practical. The bag is really spacious, has tons of pockets and comes with a changing mat, insulated bottle bag, little medi bag (which I keep Bea’s teething sachets in), a removable snack box and anti slip pram clips.

So that’s my favourite top 10 that really helped in the newborn days, we either got ours handed down to us or we purchased them from John Lewis as you can get next day delivery to Waitrose which is a life saver! Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog on items I wish I hadn’t bought.