My Mum Tribe

I have been really lucky that I met an amazing group of mums whilst on my maternity leave that kept me sane, they all have babies around the same age as Bea and they have been the biggest support group. We met up at baby group in an old church one Thursday morning and got talking, we decided that we needed to make it a regular thing so every Wednesday we meet up and do something. We tend to do different things which include going out for lunch, going to the local ponds, softplay or simply just going to each others houses for coffee. This little meeting once a week has been the best thing on my maternity leave, we are all going through similar things and we can chat and rant for hours. All the babies get on so well and by the end of the get together they are all knackered, win win for us mummy’s. It’s becoming more difficult to meet up now due to most of us being back at work but we try and arrange something every couple of weeks. We also have a whatsapp group where we tend to share advice and our ultimate mum fails!

My other group of mum tribe I have met recently, I say met but they’re actually all “online” friends, they’re my mummy blogger group. I met them on an Instagram loop and got added into their whatsapp group, they are the funniest, kindest girls. There is always someone there at 2 in the morning for a chat, the delight of it being all mums! They all have such great advice whether this be blogging, weaning, sleeping or working with brands. They all have gorgeous baby’s, eye appealing instagrams and amazing blogs and vlogs.

When I was pregnant I joined a “due date” group on Facebook, the girls in there are honestly amazing. I put a post up asking a question, rant, or even just an update and so many of them take time out of their day to answer, respond and always give love. There are over 350+ girls from all over the UK and it’s honestly been the most hopeful group I’ve ever been in. Whilst pregnant I had tons of questions, I would post all the time and I always had someone answering me, even at 4am in the morning. I don’t post on there as much but whenever I do it’s so lovely to interact with them all. It’s also amazing to see all the baby’s growing up, we were all there for each other during our pregnancy’s, births, newborn days and now going into our baby’s becoming toddlers!

Here’s to you my Mum Tribe, thank you for listening to me moan, panic and shout about how cute my kid is. You’ve all kept me sane and you’re all amazing.