My baby is ONE

One whole year ago Beatrice Violet Daisy Hall made her dramatic appearance into the world and what a year it has been!

We have done so many things and have so many exciting plans for the next couple of months. We moved out of my parents house into our first family home, we were saving to buy but I mean who can afford to buy at the moment!? So we’re currently renting with the intention to buy in a couple of years. I am back working part time at my old job, trying to work different hours to my boyfriend so we don’t have to use childcare. We have been to Center Parcs and had the loveliest week where we just went swimming, had lovely long naps and ate our body weight in food. We have also made some lovely new friends, we have a great group of mum’s and baby’s that are all around the same age and we try to get together weekly and do something different. We are going on our first holiday abroad with Bea in a couple of weeks time, we are going with my dad, step mum, siblings and cousins so there are a lot of us. We have rented a villa in Portugal with a pool so I am looking forward to that as Bea is such a water baby!

We had Bea’s first birthday party on Saturday and we had the best time, I took NO photos tho as my jumpsuit had no pockets so I kept putting my phone down and loosing it. Bea’s birthday clashed with England playing Sweden so all the boys were in the lounge watching that whilst all the girls and baby’s were outside. The weather was so hot and the baby’s struggled a little but they were all so well behaved, we had a little area in the garden with a paddling pool, ball pit and mini bouncy castle. For food we ordered Sainsbury’s sandwich platters, my sister made her homemade sausage rolls (the tastiest things ever), and my amazing friends and family made some tasty cookies, cupcakes, scones and cakes. My wonderful friend Tori made Bea’s birthday cake and it was PERFECT and tasted delicious. I ordered all the decorations from eBay including “Happy Birthday” and “I am One” balloons that you don’t have to use helium for and you just stick them up and they looked great. I also ordered some stickers and just popped them on some plastic cups, and a cake topper that said “Bea Is One.” Bea wore an amazing peplum top and bloomers from Evie Et Al (on Instagram) however it was too hot for her to wear this all day so we ended up changing her into her “One” eBay vest. My jumpsuit is from Primark and it’s amazing, so flattering and a bargain at only £15!