Joie i-Spin 360 Review

Photo 17-05-2019, 18 27 29I have been sent the Joie i-Spin 360 to review as part of the Parent Power Panel with Emma’s Diary. Yes, the spinning car seat that everyone raves about!

There are many amazing features of the car seat that I love;

The Spin

We already own the 360 Spin for Bea and we love it, before buying it I did tons of research on what is the best car seat safety wise and personally for us. I have scoliosis so I get back pain quite often so the spin feature is amazing for this as it means I’m not having to put myself into weird positions trying to get them in the car. The i-Spin has a new Simple Swivel™ which is positioned where you naturally reach in a car seat, this is so much easier than on the standard 360 spin which is hidden in comparison. You can spin the car seat using one hand and it’s really easy to do – no faffing!


Safety wise the i-Spin meets the i-Size ECE R129/02 standard which in short means makes the car seat easier to fit, provides better protection from side impacts and keeps children rear-facing for longer. Rear-facing is really important to me, all you have to do is a quick google search to see the many benefits of this – Beatrice is 22 months and we are still rear-facing and will be until she reaches the height/weight limit. Many people think that at 9 months it is okay to forward face their children because it says so on some car seats, this is not the case. It is still really dangerous for a 9 month old to be rear-facing and it is actually a law that they need to be RF until they are 15 months old. The i-Spin 360 is suitable for RF until the age of 4 or 105cm’s and the Smart Ride™ lock-off helps to keep them RF until it’s safe to turn them. It also has the protective Guard Surround Safety™ panel which auto-engages when the harness is tightened, this provides ultimate safety to our children.

Easiness to fit

The i-Spin is really easy to pop in your car too, Dec put it in and he normally has a big fight with our other car seat and I have to end up doing it! He managed to get it in and set up within 5 minutes which is super impressive. The seat fits into your car using isofix so you must make your car has this before purchasing. The fact that it is easy to fit in and out is a massive bonus as we have 2 cars so we can exchange it between the two with no fuss.


The car seat lasts until your child is 4 years or 105cm which is fab as it means you get your moneys worth. The headrest and harness adjusts simultaneously and you don’t have to re-thread the harness which is amazing because who has the time and patience for that!? The seat comes with a grow-with-me infant insert which has three pieces, this means once your child has outgrown one bit you remove it so they can fit into the next insert.


I mean it’s definitely one of the stylish car seats on the market, it looks amazing as well as being super safe and having tons of incredible features. It comes in 4 different colours; Coal, Merlot, Deep Sea and Gray Flannel which is what we have.

All in all this is an amazing car seat and I would definitely recommend it.

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