Influencers buying fake followers on Instagram

Influencers buying followers on Instagram, where to start!? Yes it really does happen and it’s happening more and more often. A lot of “influencers” are or have bought fake followers. A quick google of “buy fake followers on Instagram” gives me 72,800,000 hits and a huge number of websites that you can buy followers. One website you can buy a different amount of followers from 100 (£3) to 10,000 (£65.99) – not only can you buy followers but you can also buy likes, comments and to my shock views!

How do you spot fake followers? Well the main one for me is to search their followers with “1” “0” “abd” or “moh” and a lot of suspicious (ie fake) accounts will show if they have fakes. A lot of them will not have a profile picture and are following around the 6/7k mark but only have a handful of followers themselves. Another is that if they have hundreds of likes on their pictures but only a few comments this is another red flag, this isn’t as easy to spot now that business and content creator accounts can’t see the number of likes.

You can’t influence fake followers – a lot of brands are collaborating with influencers who have bought fake followers. This is quite simply fraud, they do not have the amount of followers they say they have and are lying to brands as well as their “real” followers like you and I. A lot of influencers and bloggers who have under 10k are missing out on amazing opportunities because brands are working with the fraudsters. Brands are not only gifting items but also paying some of these people money (and if they’ve bought thousands of followers the money they are getting can be quite a lot!) to advertise their products however they are mostly advertising them to fake accounts – how does this work!? If someone who says has 5k followers but none have been bought they will reach more people and the brands will therefore advertise a wider audience than someone who has 10k followers but the majority are bought (ie fake).

Whats the difference between ghost hosting and buying fake followers? Ghost hosting is when you are part of a follow loop. Follow loops are when you post a picture on your feed that links to a follow loop page, people will head to this page and follow all the people that the page is following therefore whoever has signed up to the follow loop will gain followers. Ghost hosts are when you pay the admins of the page to not have to post the image on your feed and not have to follow everyone back, therefore gaining followers and not upping your following count. The difference between ghost hosting and buying followers is that the accounts you gain from loops are all real people, people who will engage with you – viewing your stories, liking and commenting on your pictures. Fake followers will not do this. A lot of people on Instagram, especially influencers have become friends through loops, you can’t make friends with fake accounts.

Personally from someone who has never and will never buy followers this just baffles me. You are being a fake influencer, how can you sit there and not feel like a fraud!? I couldn’t do it, to myself or to my followers. Influencers please know your worth, do not buy fake followers. Believe in yourself, believe in your content. If your content is good, if it is relatable, if you are a nice and honest person you will gain followers. Do not belittle yourself and your account by buying fakes, because trust me people will notice if you have bought them. It’s not only fraud it’s embarrassing!



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  1. March 3, 2020 / 8:19 am

    Yes!! I love this blog and wish my brands would take note! Especially PR agency Azaria they work with a ton of fake influencers!!

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