Holidaying with a one year old

We have just got back from our first holiday abroad with Beatrice, we went to Portugal for 6 nights and stayed in a villa in Albufeira.

Before going I was told to give Bea a bottle of milk during take off and landing to help her ears, this worked a treat on the way out. She had a bottle and fell asleep for an hour and then woke up and played with daddy, her auntie and uncles however on the way back it was a different story. Our flight home was at 10pm and Bea was so tired but she wouldn’t go to sleep, we gave her a bottle a take off and she drank the whole thing meaning we had none left for the rest of the flight or landing – big mistake! She cried pretty much the whole 2 hours and 55 minutes, she was so wriggly and just wanted her own space but as she is under 2 she was sitting on our laps and the flight was full so she couldn’t have her own seat. As soon as we landed and she was in the car she fell asleep, we hadn’t even left the car park and she was snoring away – typical!

I took way too many clothes for Bea, she was in her swimming costume or nappy most of the time as it was so hot. We spent a lot of our time at the villa so she didn’t wear most of her gorgeous holiday clothes, which I could cry about! I took all her nappies with me as we took a hand luggage suitcase and they went in there with Bea’s clothes, I am so glad I did this as they were so expensive out there. We took swimming nappies but I wish I bought a reusable swimming nappy, Aldi tend to do them in their baby event which I believe is happening soon.

As Bea is now on cows milk we bought it out there when we did our shopping, however for the plane we bought the ready made bottles of formula – we also took these out with us if we went out in the evening as they are really handy. Food wise, she ate everything we had even the sardine paste which was her favourite, she would just sit there and eat it off a spoon!

Our swimming pool wasn’t heated but where it was hot weather wise it was a really nice temperature for us but a little cold for Bea, I bought her a long sleeved UV swimming costume from next so she was in that most of the time, we also had a short sleeved one but whenever she was in that she got cold quickly. We bought a float from Amazon that had a sunshade attached, this was definitely the best buy as Bea hates wearing hats. We also took our spare pushchair as I didn’t want to take our Ocarro as it’s quite heavy and I didn’t want to chance it getting broken. For our spare pushchair we have the Britax B Agile and it was great – it’s really light, compacts small and has a big hood for shade.

We made so many memories on our holiday, I am so excited to make so many more in the future. It was so lovely to go away with so many people too as it meant Dec and I could have a couple of hours to ourselves without having to chase around after Bea. Portugal is a great destination for family holidays and we will definitely be going back. If you have any recommendations of places please let me know, I would love to hear!