Globber Scooter Review

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Globber Scooter Review – product gifted for review from Hello Baby Direct.

The Globber scooters are aimed at 3 years plus and have 3 adjustable heights on the handlebar meaning the scooter can grow with your child, my daughter is 2 and a half and can ride the scooter with ease. The scooter comes in 5 different colours; pink, yellow, blue (navy and sky) and red – we have the blue one and it’s a lovely colour against the silver frame. The wheels light up LED kinetic energy powered wheels light up blue, red and green when the scooter is in use making scooting around even more fun!

When the steering is locked this means that your child will just be able to go in a straight line, great for the first few times they’re on it so they can get used to the scooter. To lock the steering all you have to do is push the button on the front of the scooter. Once your child is confident using it you can unlock the steering by depressing the button and they can learn how to steer. To steer the scooter it is done by leaning, this helps your little one to steer safely.

The 3 wheel scooter with a brake on the back is the perfect size for your child, it has a low-ride foot deck which helps to develop balance and confidence. We tested the scooter out on grass, tarmac and road – it was easiest on the tarmac and road however still usable on the grass just a tad harder. The scooter is also really light meaning I was able to carry it to the park alongside the buggy which was perfect as it meant we could take it out with us and I wasn’t having to worry about transporting it.

The Globber Scooter Primo Light is available from Hello Baby Direct for £54.99.



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