Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Toddler, Under 1’s and Expecting Parents

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddler and Under 1’s

I thought buying for a toddler would be easy but realistically it’s not, you don’t want to waste money on toys they won’t play with and you also don’t want a million toys that will take over your house. As a kid I can remember sitting down and circling everything I wanted in the Argos catalogue however with toddlers we still have a few years until they can start doing that.

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My Fairy Garden Dragon’s Tower Garden (rrp £19.99)

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Fairy’s? Tick. Dragons? Tick. Castle? Tick. The Dragon Tower Fairy Garden consists of fairy Thea, a mummy and a baby dragon and comes with pea and mustard seeds for your little one to grow in 3 different areas – all you need to add is soil. My Fairy Garden have various gardens from a nature garden to a unicorn garden.

Lion Snuggle Blanket (rrp £10)

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Is your child animal obsessed? The lion snuggle blanket from Sainsburys has a cute lion hood and mittens for hands and even has a tail, it’s also super soft and is the perfect present for the cold winter nights to keep your little one snuggly watching their favourite programmes. The snuggle blanket is also available in a gorilla.

Count with Peppa (rrp £20)

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Okay, I know Peppa can be the most annoying character however this toy is actually amazing, it helps to develop picture recognition, colour and counting with 8 different activities. You get 10 interactive coins and when you pop them into Peppa she recognises which ones you are playing with and ask you questions such as “where is number 9.” Peppa Pig is always a winner in the eyes of a child and a massive bonus that it helps to teach children such an important skill, counting to 10!

Playmobil Zoo with Penguin Enclosure (rrp £35)

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For animal obsessed children this is a great toy for them, the zoo comes with a penguin enclosure that features a cave with a slide, zoo keepers and a swing for the monkeys. The zoo keepers have bananas and fish to feed the penguins and monkeys – perfect for learning what animals eat. Playmobil have tons of sets that are perfect for Christmas presents – vets, police station, water park and even an advent calender.

Luvabella Newborn (rrp £49.99)

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The Luvabella newborn doll was one of the most popular toys last Christmas and it was on pretty much every childs Christmas list, this year I think will be the same. It’s one of the most lifelike dolls I’ve ever seen and felt. The interactive dolls lets you know when she is happy, hungry, gassy or tired – you will need to feed her, sooth her, burp her and play with her. Luvabella comes with a dummy and bottle which she suckles on, you will even need to burp her after her bottle. When it’s nap time for baby Luvabella, you will be able to see her tummy rise and fall, breathing away and listen to her heartbeat.

3D Foam Animal Puzzles (rrp £7.99)

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These 3D foam animal puzzles are perfect for rainy day activities, 5 different animals to collect (crocodile, lion, panda, giraffe and elephant). They help to encourage children’s hand eye coordination and puzzle solving skills whilst also creating a cute animal that would look lovely in their room or playroom.

Mini Kids Camera (rrp £14.99)

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If your child is anything like mine they love taking your phone and taking the weirdest pictures, this mini camera means you can have your phone back without 100 of the same blurry picture and your child can have their own little camera. When I say mini it really is quite small but perfect size for little hands, it’s rechargeable and has a slot for a micro SD memory card. Coming in 3 different colours, pink blue and green it also has photo stickers on where your children can take photos with frames such as love hearts and animals.

Nuby Christmas Box (rrp £25)

Every year Nuby bring out “Christmas Santa Surprises” these are box’s are worth up to £50 for only £25, they are all randomly selected but will include a cup, tableware and a developmental toy. There are 6 different boxes to choose from depending on gender and age of the child you are buying for; 0-12 months, 12 months+ and 3 years + all ages coming in both boy and girls.

In our girls 12 months + box we received the following;

Photo 09-12-2019, 11 00 43

Suregrip miracle mat
360 insulated no spill cup
Spoon and fork set
Dress me dolly
360 no spill cup
Floating octopus bath toy

Under 1’s and Expecting Parents

Buying for an under 1 is really hard during the Christmas period, there’s only so many teddy bears a baby can have. Whether someone you know has a newborn or are expecting a baby hopefully you can find something in this gift guide.

Nuby Little Fox Light & Sound Sleep Aid (rrp £18.99)

Photo 23-12-2019, 09 20 34

This cute fox is the perfect gift for an under 1 and for their parents, the gift of sleep – amazing! It has 10 different lullabies, 5 volume settings and projects stars onto the ceiling/wall which is a lot more than other sleep aids offer. The plush fox sleep aid is ultra soft and can either sit on the side in baby’s bedroom or attached on the outside of the crib with a velcro attachment.

Nuby Little Fox Cuddle Bunny Comforter (rrp £7.99)

Photo 23-12-2019, 09 20 34

Comforters are always a win for a newborn present whether this be at Christmas, a baby shower or welcoming the new baby. Not only for newborns as it also has a teether attached which helps comfort when baby’s teeth and gums are feeling sore. The Little Fox Cuddle Bunny Comforter is a neutral colour (grey) so perfect for the parents who aren’t finding out the gender of their little one.

Little Blue Nest Baby Swaddle Blanket (rrp £19.50)

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Anything from Little Blue Nest Baby would make a wonderful gift for a baby or expecting parent for Christmas. The swaddle blankets are made from organic cotton and have the most beautiful designs, they are super soft to touch and with every wash they get softer. Baby’s can use them as swaddle blankets from newborns however they grow with the child, they can be used as pram blankets, nursing shield and also a mat.

Chad Valley My First Animals Keyboard (rrp £10)

Baby’s first keyboard that plays animal noises. Any toy that lights up or makes loud noises is a winner for babies, although this doesn’t light up it does make different noises, – the toy features a cow, dog, cat and pig with corresponding noises and also plays regular keyboard sounds too.

Floating Octopus Bath Toy (rrp £2.99)

Photo 23-12-2019, 09 20 49

Bath toys are always a great hit, bath time is such a popular and special time for children and parents – making it fun is crucial and the Floating Octopus gives lots of endless fun. The octopus comes with 3 rings and the aim is to throw them onto the octopus’ tentacles, this helps with little ones hand-eye co-ordination. He isn’t just for bath time however, you can also take him out with you to restaurants to keep your little one occupied whilst waiting for food etc.

UV Dummy Steriliser (rrp £19.99)

Photo 17-11-2019, 11 43 20

One of the coolest dummy sterilisers out there – no water needed! This is a great Christmas gift for expecting parents or newborn parents, it’s a complete lifesaver for when you are out and the dummy drops on the floor. You just pop it in the compact unit, press sterilise and 3 minutes later you have a sterilised dummy. You can use any dummy which is perfect if your little one is particular about a certain brand.

Nuby Christmas Box (rrp £25)

Photo 09-12-2019, 10 55 39


In our boys 0-12 month box we received:

Suregrip miracle mat
Giraffe toy pram
Silly spinwheel highchair toy
2 reversible bibs with teether
Stacking cups
Flexi no spill cup
Sea animals squirting toys
Donkey pram toy

Items in this blog post have been gifted in exchange to be featured in this gift guide.

Have a look at my other gift guides for help on all your other present buying.

Happy Shopping!



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