Christmas Crafts with Baker Ross

With us being in lockdown 2.0 and the weather getting more and more miserable there’s only one thing for it – project Christmas. On the weekend we put on Christmas music, had hot chocolate smothered in whipped cream and marshmallows and got out our Christmas crafts from Baker Ross.

We were sent a mix and match Christmas hamper and it was perfect, there were 6 different crafting activities in there – Snowflake Mix & Match Decoration Kit, Penguin Mix & Match Decoration Kit, Snowman Star Bauble Kit, Christmas Scratch Art Pictures, Christmas Elf Boot Card Kit and Christmas Colour In Window Decorations.

Christmas Crafting with Baker Ross

As Bea is in nursery during the week I decided that we would have this as a mummy and Bea activity so I put Max down for his nap and we got the crafts out. I wanted to make it super special for Bea and something that she would remember doing. We started off doing the Snowman Star Bauble Kit and we had so much fun, Bea loved being able to decorate these herself, I gave her the bits to stick onto the Snowman and she decided where they went and she managed to put everything in the right place. She loved sticking the scarf and gloves on and she asked if we could listen to “Do you want to build a snowman?” whilst we were doing it. This was such a great craft activity and it took us about 45 minutes to do.

Next, we did the Christmas Scratch Art Pictures – word of advice if you can’t start the sound of nails being dragged down a chalkboard don’t do this one! I am not a fan of colouring in pens, Bea manages to get them everywhere and all over herself so this was a great compromise. The pack came with loads of different designs which we talked through, Bea’s speech is really coming on and I love being able to have full blown conversations with her. This is her first Christmas where she has fully known what’s going on and we can talk about it. We were talking about each picture whilst she was scratching away. I taught her all of Santa’s Reindeer’s names and we spoke about North Pole and how that’s where Santa lives with his elves who help wrap all the presents. It was such a lovely moment that I will remember forever.

My favourite craft we did was the Christmas Elf Boot Cards, on the pack there is an image of a completed card which Bea noticed. She made sure that her card looked like the image and it was so fascinating watching her work it all out herself. I helped her by taking the sticky bits off the back but everything else she did herself, she managed to place everything really well and she absolutely loved doing it. We discussed who she was going to send her cards to and how we would put them in the post box.

Christmas Crafting with Baker Ross

I am very much an outdoorsey mum, we go out for walks a lot which doesn’t leave too much time for crafts. After this weekend I am definitely going to be making it more of permanent thing in our home. Not only did Bea have so much fun but I did too, we chatted about so much – she made me belly laughing and it was so nice to spend some quality one on one time with her crafting. So thank you Baker Ross for not only the crafts but the memories that I will cherish forever.

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This blog post is sponsored by Baker Ross but all views and opinions are my own. The crafts were sent to us as part of the Christmas Campaign. Please read my disclaimer.

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