Bonfire Night at Home 2020

Just like the majority of events in 2020 bonfire night is going to be different this year. There were a few local events planned in Hampshire however with Lockdown 2.0 they have all been cancelled. That doesn’t however been bonfire night has to be, personally we won’t be setting off fireworks but we will be looking out our windows to catch a glimpse of any. Here are a list of activities to help make bonfire night at home a success;

Firework painting

This one is nice and easy and you should have everything you need at home already. All you need is paint, paper and a few toilet paper tubes. Cut the toilet paper tubes at the end upright all the way round then spread them out – put different colour paint on different plates and get some paper out. Let your little one go wild splattering on the paper to look like fireworks!

Bonfire Night at Home 2020

Slow cooker hot chocolate

My mouth is watering just typing this up, perfect to keep you warm on a crisp November evening. You will need;

1L of milk
300ml double cream
200g dark chocolate
100g milk chocolate

Whack it all in your slow cooker and stick it on low for 2 hours. Serve with whipped cream and marshmallows for the perfect hot chocolate. The lovely Alice Ann gave me the recipe for this and has even suggested adding in some Baileys for the adults to make it a cheeky tipsy hot choc.

Watch a virtual firework display

One of my daughters favourite things to do regardless of it being bonfire night or not is to watch firework displays on YouTube. There are so many different ones including the famous London Fireworks. Lancashire Fire and Rescue service are putting on a virtual firework display on their Facebook page tonight at 6:30pm, so if like us you were planning on just watching from the window you can guarantee some fireworks by virtual experience!

Bonfire baking

There’s lots you could bake today for bonfire night, some star shaped cookies and decorate them with sprinkles to make them look like little fireworks. You could make some classic bonfire night goodies like toffee apples or make some s’mores like our friends do over the pond. BBC Good Food have a long list of bonfire night recipes from bonfire toffee to cheesy bonfire bread.

Glow stick party

Turn all the lights off, get some glow sticks, put the music on and have a little party! You could even tape the glow sticks to your clothing and make yourself look like a glowstick skeleton.

Bonfire Night at Home 2020

I hope you all have a lovely bonfire night at home and enjoy some of these activities.

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