Bath time with Love Boo

I’d love to say we love bath time in our house but that would be a big lie, we have a love hate relationship. Bea loves bath time with daddy but hates it with me which wouldn’t be so bad if Dec didn’t work some evenings. She used to love bath time until she got to around 11 months old and then she became terrified of the water, she is getting a lot better but I think daddy just makes bath time a lot more fun!

When Bea was tiny we didn’t use any products on her as she has really sensitive skin, ever since we did start using products I have been very cautious about what we use. We were sent some products from Love Boo to try as Bea’s hair has been getting so frizzy and tangly recently. We were sent the Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling Spray. They smell delicious and Bea’s hair has never felt softer. You only have to use a tiny amount which is great as it means it will last a while. All of Love Boo’s products are made in the UK and they only use products that can’t harm little one’s sensitive skin which is perfect for us. The main ingredients in the “Hair Trio” are Argan Oil, Fig and Papaya which is just amazing as they are all natural.

We received them this morning and used them in the bath tonight and I can already see how soft and knot free her hair is which is amazing because any mum can tell you how hard it is to brush a stubborn one year olds knotty hair! I can’t wait to continue to use them and be tangle free.

Check out Love Boo on Instagram and at their website They have tons of amazing products and some beautiful gift sets which are perfect for baby showers and gifting new mummas, I can’t wait to try out all their maternity products and I will definitely be buying more bits for Bea and the new baby.