30 weeks pregnant

Everyone always says how quickly your second pregnancy goes and they are so right, this pregnancy has just flown by so far. I can’t believe I am already 30 weeks, only 10 weeks to go! I am absolutely loving it this time round, with Beatrice I was really poorly (HG) and felt like I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience however this time round it’s been so different. I did have sickness at the beginning but it was no where near as bad and it went at about 17 weeks and since then it has been a fairly easy ride. I am a lot bigger, I am probably the same size now as I was at 36 weeks with Bea. Beatrice weighed 7lb14.5 so I think baby boy may be a 9lb’er.

I went and met with a midwife from Royal Surrey County Hospital, where I had Bea, a couple of weeks ago and we went through my birth notes – which I would really recommend anyone who has had a traumatic birth. I talked about this in one of my previous blogs, but I did have this service when Bea was only a couple of weeks old however I feel like I needed to go through it all again to understand what actually happened and prepare myself for this time round. It was really helpful and definitely put my mind at ease as I was having sleepless nights thinking the same thing would happen again. Two weeks ago I went for a midwife appointment and spoke to her how I was feeling really anxious and scared to give birth and she was so reassuring, she knows how badly I want to try for a VBAC so she calmed me down and suggested I tried doing some mildfulness which I have been looking into. I have started doing hypnobirthing through the positive birth company. This has change my mind set completely on birth and labour, honestly it’s the most amazing thing and I so wish I had done it when I was pregnant with Bea. I can not recommend it enough and I just know that this birth is going to be so much calmer as my mind is so much clearer and I have the right techniques to get me through it. After months of feeling scared and worried to give birth I am feeling excited and looking forward to it.

I have an appointment at 34 weeks with the consultant to have a scan and discuss my birth plan, which will hopefully be a VBAC. If they decide I can’t have a VBAC then I will be requesting a “gentle c-section” where I have the screen down so I can see everything that’s going on, this may be “gross” to most people but after not seeing my daughter being born the first time round I am not missing a single second of this one. I will also be requesting delayed cord clamping and skin to skin straight away, whether this be with myself or Dec.

I feel like this time round I’m no where near as organised, with Bea I had lists and lists of things we needed and most of it was bought by now however I seem to start writing lists and getting distracted. Luckily we have most things from Bea such as the car seat, cot, newborn clothes however there are a few things I need to buy still. We bought our double buggy when I was only 6 weeks pregnant, however I found a really good condition iCandy Peach 3 in jet black for £250 on facebook so I couldn’t not grab it at that bargain. There’s a few bit that I want to get new that we didn’t have for Bea such as large swaddle blankets, the ones from Little Blue Nest Baby are so gorgeous and look so soft. a rocking crib for our lounge or potentially a moses basket to put him in when he’s napping so Bea can’t get to him. I also need to get some new blankets as all of Bea’s are pink, the organic knitted fleece blanket from Little Green Sheep is just so beautiful so is definitely on the list. I’m really lucky to live close to the Natural Baby Shower so I’m going to head there as they stock so many lovely brands that I have found on Instagram.

I finish work in 4 weeks and I can’t wait to go on tons of days out with Bea until the baby is here, I think it’s really important to try and spend as much time as possible with Bea until baby comes. Hopefully the weather in March and April is good so we can go on lots of day trips to the farm, the park and lots of dog walks. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to start packing my hospital bag, a bag for Bea as she’ll be going to my sisters/mums whilst I’m in labour so I’ll definitely be writing a blog post about what I’m putting in my hospital bag!