20 Goals for 2020

This year I want to set realistic goals, every year I do the whole “I’ll lose weight, I’ll save money, I will travel more” but this year I am going to be setting myself specific and realistic goals. Family, money, travelling and work related. Here are my 20 realistic goals for 2020.



  1. Save £5000 minimum towards a house deposit
    Dec and I want to buy a house in 2020/21 so saving for a deposit is crucial for us this year, I will be budgeting our spending and we will be saving hard in order to buy our first family home.
  2. Fit comfortably into size 10 jeans
    I am currently in size 14 jeans and not comfortably, they are a bit of a squeeze and I am the biggest I’ve ever been, I am going to be doing slimming world and would love to be in a size 10 for our summer holiday.
  3. Go on a family holiday (abroad or staycation)
    We are hopefully going on a big family holiday like we did in 2018 with my dad and siblings in the summer. We might be going on a cruise with our grandparents too but that’s still in discussion. Family holidays are so important to me as they are my most memorable times growing up.
  4. Find a job that suits our family and that I love
    With Dec working nights and not on set days it’s going to be hard to find a job that suits us all as a family, we are really struggling to find something that will fit as neither Bea or Max attend nursery right now and we can’t afford to send them.
  5. Hit 15k followers on Instagram
    I am currently on just over 9k followers so I’d love to hit 15k, to be honest I’ll be happy with 10k!
  6. Make our flat feel more homely
    I am not the biggest fan of our current flat so I tend to spend as much time away from it as possible but this year I want to try and make it feel more like home by putting up photoframes, finishing our bedroom and paint the kitchen.
  7. Make Bea’s room into Bea and Max’s room
    Bea’s room is currently our storage room as we co sleep with both Bea and Max. I am ready for them both to be in their own rooms but we only live in a 2 bed flat so they will be sharing. We need to buy Max a cot and some more furniture for their toys.
  8. Travel to 10 new different towns/cities in England
    We went to Cheshire last year on a little mini break and it was lovely, with Dec working nights he tends to get about 4/5 days off in a row so we want to try and visit more places in England.
  9. Make more of an effort with mine and Dec’s relationship
    We need to remember we’re boyfriend and girlfriend as well as mummy and daddy. More date nights and just spending more time with each other and appreciating each other more.
  10. Spend more time as a family
    I want to spend more time as a family making tons and tons of memories especially as Bea is at the age now where she will start remembering things so more trips to the zoo, theme parks, beach in the summer etc.
  11. Save to take Bea to Disneyland for her birthday
    Bea will be 3 in July and I’d love to take her to Disneyland before she starts school which will be Sep 2021, she loves all things characters and Disney and just imagine being at Disneyland on your birthday!
  12. Walk more
    Instead of driving places, can I walk there instead? I have a really bad habit of just jumping in the car to places when I could walk. I live about a 15 minute walk into town but I’m always driving there.
  13. Write more blog posts
    I want to be dedicated to my blog, Instagram has always been my priority but 2020 is going to be all about my blog. I’d love to have at least 10 blog posts published a month.
  14. Learn to knit/crochet
    I’ve wanted to learn how to knit and/or crochet for years, I know how to do the basic knit but I’d love to be able to make some bonnets for Max and hats for our local maternity units.
  15. Learn to say NO more
    I say yes to a lot of things, mostly things that I don’t want to do as I feel like I have to say yes to please people or to make my life slightly easier. I am fed up of just saying yes for these reasons so if I don’t want to do something I will be saying no this year.
  16. Become more organised
    I am not an organised person, I have all good intentions of being organised but in reality I’m just not. This year is the year I batch cook meals, have more structure in my life and HAVE A ROUTINE.
  17. Read a book a week
    I used to read so much and then I stopped and I don’t know why. There is nothing like getting stuck into a good book. So I’m going to stop taking my phone to bed and take a book instead. The aim is one book a week and if I can get more in then amazing.
  18. Go to bed earlier 
    This goes hand in hand with the goal above, I am taking my phone to bed and not going to sleep until near 1am then I am knackered for the rest of the day. By taking a book to bed I am hoping that this will help me fall asleep quicker and for me to not be up until the early hours.
  19. Be a better friend
    I wouldn’t say I’m a bad friend at all but I do let life get in the way and I don’t check in on my friends as much as I should. I have different friendship groups and a lot of my friends don’t have kids, live in different towns (even countries!) and life does get in the way but I’m going to make more of an effort.
  20. Stop spending money
    Okay this one kind of goes with the save for a deposit but I find myself spending money on such unnecessary things, I will go out for coffee in town and end up spending £40 which 1) I can’t afford and 2) it’s always on things I don’t need.

Thanks for reading, have an amazing 2020 and I hope you manage to achieve your goals.



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